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Black And White Photography Tips For Beginners

How To Capture Excellent Monochrome Images Most photographers shoot their subjects in color, convert the resulting images into black and white with photo editing software, and then think they’ve created a proper black and white photograph. What people don’t realize is that there are a couple of other factors that greatly affect B&W photographs. In […]

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Tips and Tricks For Awesome Macro Photography

Digital Macro Photography is truly a fun filled and rewarding genre of Photography. Macro photos stand out among all different categories of photography as you bring never before seen details of the macro world into the photograph. The term photo-macrograph was proposed by W. H. Walmsley  in 1899. What is Macro Photography? Macro Photography refers to […]

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More Memories in a Frame

Working as a photojournalist and artist, Stephen Wilkes is well known for his photographs of abandoned and deteriorating buildings, including a series of the dilapidated hospital wings of Ellis Island, a project that resulted in a $6-million grant to restore the island. More recently, he created the sweeping panoramas of his series “Day to Night”, […]