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10 Tips To Perfect Your Architectural Photography

Our modern day, image-obsessed culture has got us consuming a large quantity of architecture through photographs, as opposed to physical, spatial experiences. The advantages of architectural photography are great; it allows people to obtain a visual understanding of buildings they may never get the opportunity to visit in their lifetime, creating a valuable resource that […]

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More Memories in a Frame

Working as a photojournalist and artist, Stephen Wilkes is well known for his photographs of abandoned and deteriorating buildings, including a series of the dilapidated hospital wings of Ellis Island, a project that resulted in a $6-million grant to restore the island. More recently, he created the sweeping panoramas of his series “Day to Night”, […]

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Storytelling in Street Photography

We can find lots of discussion or tutorials in street photography. Many tutorials discuss the same topics over and over—focussing techniques, candid shooting, composition etc. However, I believe that one topic is underrepresented: storytelling in photography Many composition principles in street photography are the same as in other kinds of photography. The rule of thirds, The Golden Ratio, Golden […]