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Tips for Becoming a Vintage Photography Expert

Vintage style photography has seen a surge in popularity among hobbyist photographers. And thanks to photography social networking sites like Flickr, sharing of photographs in the vintage style is easier than ever. Users even share their post production ‘recipes’ and techniques to help you form your own ideas and techniques if you’re interested in producing […]

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10 Incredibly Important Tips for Improving your Food Photography

Many consider food photography to be cliché. However, that has failed to diminish our love of capturing our food and posting the snaps at any opportunity. Food is a strong element of one’s cultural identity and it will continue to gather interest. Make your food stand out from the crowd by following these simple tips. 1. Get it While it’s […]

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More Memories in a Frame

Working as a photojournalist and artist, Stephen Wilkes is well known for his photographs of abandoned and deteriorating buildings, including a series of the dilapidated hospital wings of Ellis Island, a project that resulted in a $6-million grant to restore the island. More recently, he created the sweeping panoramas of his series “Day to Night”, […]