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Watch How Street Photographer Dave Powell

Dave Powell is the man behind the camera and popular blog, ShootTokyo, and is a street photographer driven by the passion to create. He makes some extremely compelling photos from the streets of Tokyo, and he does it by following nothing but his desire to make something beautiful.

It might be an interaction between people. It might be the absence of people. A lot of people look at my work and ask, “How did you set up that shot?” I don’t.

Dave is the subject of the latest SmugMug film, a series of videos with some crazy good production value, which tells the story of a particular photographer, and tries to get in their heads to find out what makes them tick. This particular short is full of busy scenes intermingled with serene environments and excellent sound design, all narrated by Dave’s passion for the art of street photography.

Thought he video does an excellent job telling a full story, if you need more there is a full interview on SmugMug that goes into even more detail on Dave’s process, and we highly recommend you check it out.